the creative source = the source of all creation

“Ideas flow abundantly from a source unseen, a quiet place, a mysterious place, a place where you are alone with only the Creator and He shares them with you.”

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    I have been implementing web design since the early 1990s when all HTML coding was done by hand. The website was originally a gallery of photographic works and one of only a handful of imaging sites on the Word Wide Web. Hard to believe it was such a small community, but the WWW had to start somewhere. Who could imagine the blossoming of this technology which has integrated into every part of our lives.
  • Communication

    The collaborative chit chat is exciting and can often help take your project into places you might not even have considered possible. Hopefully the beginning will lead to something more, something revealed through inspiration.
  • fun fact #2 was first known as "the digital wave photography gallery" and then morphed into "digitalari" before it became, at last, aeternus.
  • “Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.”

    - - -André Gide- - -
  • “Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul.”

    - - -Thomas Merton- - -
  • “The intuition itself springs from the depths of the human soul, where the desire to give meaning to one's own life is joined by the fleeting vision of beauty and of the mysterious unity of things.”

    - - - Saint John Paul II - - -
  • "Overseeing the mysterious laws governing the universe, the divine breath of the Creator Spirit reaches out to human genius and stirs its creative power."

    - -- Saint John Paul II -- -

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Lisa Johnston | Roman Catholic Foundation of Eastern Missouri
Lisa Johnston Just me

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Lisa Johnston | | Tiwtter: @aeternusphoto Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, St. Louis, Missouri.

Creative Love = Love of Creation

Not vanilla, not ever… is a collection of my works done on the creative clock. I spend most of my days working in new media but the fun doesn’t seem to end because there is always more to create. If you have a project you might like to collaborate on (visual, social, branding, brainstorming) by all means, please give me a shout.


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