from lisa a. johnston


To study the depths of these beautiful orchid flowers can be quite overwhelming.  They are like a world onto themselves, and each and every delicate and magnificent detail is extraordinary.  You just gotta marvel and say, Jeepers, God is such a Creator!!  

I decided to play around with the photographic details of the images which I hope reflects the way I viewed the orchids while I was photographing them.  I think you could meditate for a long while on each of these images and ponder the unique qualities of beauty contained within them – so take your time viewing!

All you have to do is just click on an image to start the slideshow!

Bye the way, I had a lovely day catching up and photographing with my photowoman buddy – Nancy.  We spent the morning with our cameras at the Botanical Garden’s Orchid show and then had a great Vietnamese lunch of the “Best Springrolls in town!


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